Phygital security

Secure the basics - Sécuriser l'essentiel - تأمين الأساسيات السبرانية

Buyers & Sellers in cyber:
Secure the basics, with top Defenses against top Attacks, in our phygital environment.

MissionSecure the basics
i.e. federate SMB buyers and sellers around the top Defenses only, and secure their transactions technically and financially in a marketplace platform.

e.g. (real world examples soon to be case studies):

Vision:  "Oumam" ~ Communities
i.e. strong and healthy communities in their natural, phygital environment.

* minorities are better off with a strong and healthy majority, both physically and digitally.

Principles: 1+5 Principles

In essence, the principles are just the 5 COBIT principles, supplemented with a Principle 0:

Values: 3 Values

The values are cumulative and their "locus" or place of action is, too:

France 🇫🇷
30/32 boulevard de Sébastopol, 75004 Paris

🇶🇦 Qatar
81, Business Innovation Park, Qatar Free Zone