Phygital security

Secure the basics - Sécuriser l'essentiel - تأمين الأساسيات السبرانية

Buyers & Sellers in cyber:
Secure the basics, with top Defenses against top Attacks, in our phygital environment.

Mission: Secure the basics
i.e. federate
SMB buyers and sellers around the top Defenses only, and secure their transactions technically and financially in a marketplace platform.

e.g. (real world examples soon to be case studies):

  • 2020-21: Secure the basics for a buyer in the public sector in France, translated into 5 Defenses:

    • among them were the Defenses #3 VScan and #7 Email/web protection;

    • we did transactions that created a strong bond between the 3 actors, buyer, seller and marketplace/platform, as nobody gets paid as long as it is not delivered based on fair, technically sound terms;

    • As a result:

      • we focus time and money on top Defenses only;

      • the buyer uses his budget on time;

      • the seller gets paid on time and together with the marketplace;

      • the marketplace builds on Defenses for future transactions.

  • 2021: Secure the basics for a buyer in the energy sector in Qatar, translated into 2 sub-Defenses: ...

  • 2022: Secure the basics for a buyer in the IT sector in Qatar, translates into 4 Defenses: ...

Vision: "Oumam" ~ Communities
i.e. strong and healthy communities in their natural, phygital environment.

  • e.g.:

    • a strong and healthy white/christian community* in the West;

    • a strong and healthy arab/muslim community* in the East;

    • and wherever we have a presence as a marketplace platform:

      • Directly: in France and Qatar;

      • Indirectly: via our sellers, in Canada, France, Morocco and UAE.

* minorities are better off with a strong and healthy majority, both physically and digitally.

Principles: 1+5 Principles

In essence, the principles are just the 5 COBIT principles, supplemented with a Principle 0:

  • Principle 0: God exists - and made us free.

  • Principle 1: Meeting stakeholder needs

  • Principle 2: Covering the enterprise end to end

  • Principle 3: Applying a single integrated framework

  • Principle 4: Enabling a holistic approach

  • Principle 5: Separating governance from management

Values: 3 Values

The values are cumulative and their "locus" or place of action is, too:

  • Value 1: Faith @head

  • Value 2: Consciousness @heart

  • Value 3: Work @hand

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🇶🇦 Qatar
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